October plotholders’ meeting

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Please see below for the minutes from the October Potholders Meeting.

PRESENT: Plotholders at 2, 3,10, 11, 14, 26, 28, 29, 32, 34, 39, 40, 41, 47, 49, 51, 53, 56, 58, 59, 61, 63,

Meeting started by chairman referring to The Draft Management Plan, a document previously sent to all plotholders with emails. Printed copies were made available at the meeting. But the following items were dealt with first:

FUNDS: Bank and Cash total £2047.00. There has been no spend for last six months. Major change is no postage with, for example, plot inspection/ termination letters being sent by email

RULES FOR ALLOTMENTS: GCC has emailed/sent a copy of its draft Rules and Regulations. This is a follow up from the Community Empowerment Act 2015, and previous consultation work with allotment plotholders in Glasgow in 2022. Chair referred to a forthcoming meeting of GAF in Garnethill on October 22nd 2023 at which a common response from Glasgow plotholders would be created.


TM opened the discussion on the draft plan by referring to earlier meeting when plotholders had agreed to consider items for spending funds within a broader plan for the maintenance and future development of Westthorn. The Draft Management Plan 2023 was sent to all plotholders with emails and hard copy was available at the meeting.

Items of the Draft Plan discussed:-

Upkeep of Private Areas and Communal Areas: The plan detailed those plots which had ” private” frontages and those with ” communal” frontages. The meeting agreed the Plan. The Communal Areas would be maintained by organising working groups ( see details later)

Hedge Cutting: After some considerable discussion it was agreed that there would be a hedge cutting “service” to cut tops and frontages of hedges, but not the internal side. Westthorn membership funds would be used to provide the service, perhaps twice a year, notice being taken of RSPB advice on avoiding nesting season/ Best Practice for protecting wildlife.

Plot 62: It was agreed that there would be no community use at Plot 62. The meeting agreed to subdivide it to make a “half plot” and to use the water tanks containers, and to make a lockable storage area for items such as logs, bark, manure and other supplies.

Working Parties: After some considerable discussion it was agreed that all the Communal Areas and any special projects, such as altering Plot 62 and converting the Container into a ” dry” store/workshop, would be done by plotholders organising working groups, on a voluntary basis. Working groups would happen on the SATURDAY which was two weeks after the regular plotholders meeting on the first Sunday of the month, Plotholders would be expected to meet at 2.00 p.m at Member’s Hut. No starting date was agreed. An example is:- April 2024 Plotholders Meeting would be on April 7th and April 2024 Working Party would meet on April 21st. May Plotholders meeting would be on May 5th. A diary for 2024 would be sent to all plotholders and posted in Members Hut./ Main Gate noticeboard.

Plot Inspections: The meeting discussed how best to carryout plot inspections. This item needs to be continued at next meeting on Novemnber 5th, but a popular suggestion was that a group of experienced plotholders should create the inspection team reporting to the Management Committee, to recommend sending Plot Inspection Letters……the item was not concluded on October 1st.

TM reminded meeting that:-

  1. Missives could be done today after the meeting and reminded everyone that Missives WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FROM ANYONE AFTER NOVEMBER 19TH.
  2. The AGM would be held on November 26th at 11.00 a.m


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