Dates for 2024

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Plot Holder Meeting: 1st Sunday of every month running from April 7th to November 5th at 1pm.

Just a reminder that all members need to attend 3 meetings a year. If you can’t attend a meeting, we encourage you to send your apologies so we can add it to our records.

There has been a change to the time of the meetings. The new time will be 1pm.

AGM: November 24th at 1pm.
Missive Weekend: 16th and 17th of November. 11am to 1pm

You must sign your missive by this weekend. You have to option of signing up online if you contact the committee and complete your paperwork before the 16th of November.

Water On: March 12th
Water Off: November 17th

Walkrounds Dates 2024: Walkrounds to inspect plots will usually take place within the week before the plot holders meeting on the first Sunday of the month. See the dates below.

Week beginning:
31st March
28th April
26th May
30th June
28th July

There may be times when extra walkrounds are done to enable review of plots that have been issued improvement letters.

Please let us know if you have any queries or questions relating to any of this.

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