2023 Annual General Meeting

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PRESENT  16 Plotholders attended representing 28% of members

                    Plotholders at Plots 2, 10, 26, 28, 29, 39, 41, 43, 47, 49, 58, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64

                    Apologies from plotholders at 19, 34, 42

CHAIRPERSONS REPORT: SC reported on management activity during the year. There were 57 “active Plots”  and plot inspections had resulted in 6 terminations and 4 other inquiries that were still under investigation. 2 ” Plot Management Plans” were being prepared to assist 2 plotholders to improve productivity in 2024. WAA had responded to GCC’s consultation document on future allotment governance arising from the Community Empowerment Scotland Act 2015, and had attended consultation on this topic, with GAF. During the year the committee had met following the monthly plotholder meeting which had been attended by some 18 plotholders at every monthly meeting from April through to Novemeber. In the October and November meetings the membeership participated in a consultation on the Westthorn Allotment Draft Management Plan 2023/4, the purpose of which was 1. to clarify management responsibilities for private and common land areas, and 

2. to set out a way forward for bulk storage, bulk composting etc at Plot 62 and

3. to provide a work plan for Working Parties so that all  members could contribute to the growth and maintenance of Westthorn, and fulfil their 3hr/year obligation ( see WAA rules)

The Management Plan was sent to all members and no comments for/against had been submitted so the plan had been formally adopted by the Committee.

The meeting briefly discussed plot inspections for 2024 and J Sillars reported that the Sub Committee set up in 2023,  to carry out inspections should remain in place to provide consistancy to the inspection process and that the first inspection in 2024 would be April 7th. The meeting agreed. 

The meeting approved SC’s report

SECRETARY’S REPORT: LK reported that WAA had  now made significant improvements to it’s membership data base, and that there had been a significant shift away from letters and postage costs as most communications with members waas now digital. She encouraged all members to move to a digital capability as this would speed dialogue between committe and members, give members access to the website and Facebook etc.  The 2024 Missives were much better attended than in previous years and she thanked the membership for their improved response. Currently LK reported that she was consulting persons on the  Waiting List, currently 56, to update the list prior to inviting people to view allotments. 

The meeting approved LK’s report

TREASURER’S REPORT  TM confirmed that his report had been sent to the membership digitally beforehand but repeated here the report’s key points.  Total Funds at 01/11/2022  £1841.39; Total Funds at 31/10/23  £2017.85.  Net Increase £ 176.46. Income in the Year £630.32 .Spend in the Year 

£453.86.  During the meeting TM had stressed the urgency to appoint a new signatory to the WAA bank account. The meeting agreed that Jane Sillars would take up that responsibility.

There was no comment on the report prior to the AGM and the AGM approved TM’s report



CHAIRPERSON: Candidates for chairperson were Stephanie Coombe, seconded by Louise Kemple and Beverley Herdman seconded by Michael Mason. The members vote went to Stephanie Coombe at 8 votes to 5 votes.

VICE CHAIRPERSON: Candidates for vice chairperson were Beverley Herdman, seconded by Jane Sillars and Thomas Nelson seconded by Stephanie Coombe. The members vote went to Beverley Herdman at 8 votes to 7

SECRETARY: Candidate for Secretary was Louise Kemple seconded by Stephanie Coombe. Her election was unopposed

TREASURER: Candidate for Treasurer was Tim Micthell seconded by Louise Kemple. His election was unopposed


All the members wishing to serve as Ordinary Members were:-

Michael Mason seconded by D. Niven; Jane Sillars seconded by Beverley Herdman; Dave McLean seconded by Louise Kemple; Paul Kelly seconded by G McAllen; Alison McDougall seconded by Jane Sillars; Duncan Shearer seconded by G McAllen; GMcAllen seconded by Beverley Herdman.

The Chairperson closed the meeting  and thanked the membership for attending the meeting.


( by Tim Mitchell   November 29th 2023)

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